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Growing Cannabis: A Caribbean Perspective from Denver

December 19, 2022 Matt C. B. Season 2 Episode 7
The Caribbean Cannabis Channel
Growing Cannabis: A Caribbean Perspective from Denver
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Cannabis cultivation has become a hot topic around the world, especially as more countries legalize its use for medicinal and recreational purposes. In this episode, we sit down with Matt, a Trinidadian grower based in Denver, Colorado, to discuss his experience growing cannabis in the Caribbean compared to the US.

From Failures to Success

Matt shares his journey, including the challenges he faced early on and how he overcame them to achieve success in the industry. He talks about the importance of learning from your failures, being persistent, and always striving to improve.

Setting Up Your Own Grow Room

One of the most critical aspects of cannabis cultivation is creating the perfect growing environment. Matt shares his insights on setting up your own grow room, including selecting the right equipment and tools, managing humidity and temperature, and avoiding common mistakes that can affect your plants' growth.

Building Your Own Cannabis Community

Another essential aspect of the cannabis industry is building a network of like-minded individuals who can share knowledge, resources, and support. Matt discusses the importance of building your own cannabis community and how to connect with others who are passionate about cannabis.

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