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Ayanna Wadada: Empowering Women Through Cannabis Advocacy and Education

October 25, 2021 Prophet Natty Season 1 Episode 2
The Caribbean Cannabis Channel
Ayanna Wadada: Empowering Women Through Cannabis Advocacy and Education
The Caribbean Cannabis Channel
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Show Notes

Ayanna Diaz, co-owner/founder of the Wadada Movement, is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry. Known as Ayanna Wadada, she is the driving force behind the Ladies of 420 brand, a lifestyle movement centered on cannabis advocacy and education. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Ayanna's journey and the impact of the Ladies of 420 community in the promotion of cannabis legalization.

The Birth of Ladies of 420

Five years ago, Ayanna and her sister founded Ladies of 420 as a platform for educating the public on the benefits of cannabis. The community also serves as a space for herbalists to come together and connect. The sisters believe that cannabis can help people in numerous ways, and they are passionate about sharing this knowledge with others.

Personal Journey with Cannabis

In a recent podcast interview with Prophet Natty, Ayanna discussed her personal journey with cannabis. She shared how cannabis has helped her to stay motivated and inspired, which has in turn driven the success of her business. Ayanna believes that cannabis can offer the same benefits to others, which is why she is so committed to spreading the word.

Advocacy and Education in Trinidad & Tobago and Beyond

The Ladies of 420 community is more than just a platform for education and connection. It is also a vital space for advocacy, particularly in Ayanna's home country of Trinidad & Tobago. Cannabis is illegal in Trinidad & Tobago, but Ayanna and the Ladies of 420 community are working to change that. They believe that cannabis can offer a range of benefits to the people of Trinidad & Tobago, from pain relief to improved mental health.

Products and Services

The Ladies of 420 community offers a range of products and services to support their mission. These include the CBD For Beginners guide, which provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of CBD. Ayanna and her team are committed to providing high-quality products that are safe, effective, and accessible.

In Conclusion

Ayanna Wadada and the Ladies of 420 community are leading the charge for cannabis advocacy and education. Through their platform, they are empowering women and herbalists, while also working to change the laws surrounding cannabis in Trinidad & Tobago and beyond. With their commitment to education, advocacy, and quality products, Ayanna and her team are poised to make a lasting impact in the cannabis industry.

Visit their website:
Instagram: @ladies.of.420 
Instagram: @ayannawadada 

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