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Belize Cannabis Foundation (BCF): Building Possibilities for Cannabis Innovation

December 13, 2021 Renee Reisinger & Telesha Mckay Season 1 Episode 8
The Caribbean Cannabis Channel
Belize Cannabis Foundation (BCF): Building Possibilities for Cannabis Innovation
Show Notes

As the global cannabis industry continues to grow, many organizations are emerging to promote education, research and reduce the stigma of the plant. One such organization is the Belize Cannabis Foundation (BCF), an innovation foundation that focuses on building possibilities and fostering futures for cannabis through its consecutive and concurrent services. The BCF has formed a strong cannabis union both locally and internationally and strives to bring more awareness to the benefits of cannabis.

Research, Training, and Reducing Stigma

The BCF primarily focuses on research, training, and reducing the stigma of plants with the foundation's humanitarian acts of service. Through these efforts, the BCF hopes to create a better understanding of the plant and its benefits. The foundation's research program includes collaborations with other organizations to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. The BCF also provides training for healthcare professionals and community members on how to use cannabis as a therapeutic tool.

Renee Reisinger: Medical Cannabis Clinician/Educator and Certifying Cannabis Provider

Renee Reisinger, a MSN, MS, Nurse Practitioner, is a lifelong learner and a medical cannabis clinician/educator and certifying cannabis provider. After graduating from the University of Maryland School of Nursing in 2006, Renee returned to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to complete the first in the nation class, the Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, Master’s degree program in May 2021. Her expertise in medical cannabis makes her a valuable asset to the BCF in its mission to promote education and reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis.

Telesha Mckay: BCF's Project Manager

Telesha Mckay is the BCF's Project Manager and assists in coordinating the foundation's education and training drives as well as working in the local communities in Belize. With her experience in project management, she helps the BCF to achieve its objectives and reach more people with its message. Through the BCF's initiatives, Telesha and the team are working to bring awareness to the benefits of cannabis and its use in traditional medicine.

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