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Advancing the Cannabis Industry in Jamaica: Insights from Kathie Lennon

January 03, 2022 Kathie Lennon Season 1 Episode 11
The Caribbean Cannabis Channel
Advancing the Cannabis Industry in Jamaica: Insights from Kathie Lennon
Show Notes

Jamaica has been known for its rich cannabis culture, with many local communities growing cannabis for their livelihoods. With the growing interest and investment in the global cannabis industry, many Jamaicans are looking for ways to participate and benefit from this booming industry. Kathie Lennon, a cannabis advocate, educator, consultant, and entrepreneur from Jamaica, is at the forefront of advancing the cannabis industry in the region.

Cannabis Advocacy and Entrepreneurship in Jamaica

Kathie Lennon is originally from the Cockpit Country in rural Jamaica, where cannabis is grown by many locals as a means of livelihood. Kathie developed a passion for cannabis at a young age and has since become a prominent advocate for the plant and its various uses. After meeting industry professionals and gaining exposure to the global cannabis industry, Kathie became interested in cannabis entrepreneurship and launched her own cannabis consulting firm.

Combining Traditional Practices and Technology

Kathie believes that the cannabis industry can benefit from the integration of both traditional practices and technology. While traditional cultivation methods have been passed down through generations and are deeply ingrained in Jamaican culture, the industry must also keep up with technological advancements to remain competitive in the global market. Kathie's consulting firm provides advice and guidance on best practices for cultivation and processing, taking into account both traditional and modern approaches.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in the Cannabis Industry

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry, offering new opportunities for small farmers and businesses to participate in the global market. Kathie sees great potential in blockchain technology, particularly for small farmers who often struggle to access capital and resources. Through blockchain-based platforms, farmers can manage their finances and supply chain more efficiently, while also having greater access to global markets.

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